Web3.0 Global New Infrastructure Forum was held at the Founding Center of the University of Hong Kon

AT KONG the WAS 2024-03-14 57
On March 14th, the "Web3.0 Global New Infrastructure Forum" jointly organized by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong, HKU Innovation Academy and SWT was held at HKU Innovation Academy. Many leading multinational institutions in the industry gathered together to explore how to use new technologies to lead the sustainable and secure development of Web3.0. Headquartered in Singapore, SWT mainly provides end-to-end technology solutions and upgrade plans for startups, technology companies, and financial institutions in the Web3.0 field, covering technology consulting, technology incubation, angel investment, and traffic import. Currently, SWT has branches in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Vancouver, Dubai and other places.