An address purchased 10 million LOOKS in the past two months and participated in staking to earn int

earn IN LOOKS staking 2024-03-11 48
According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, In the past two months, address 0x05a...47064 bought 10 million LOOKS tokens at an average price of $0.077 and participated in staking for interest. During the process, half of the tokens were sold for a profit of only $60,000, while the remaining 4 million tokens are still yielding a profit of $350,000 due to staking. The total supply of LOOKS is 1 billion, almost all of which is in circulation, with 460 million tokens currently in staking worth $75.21 million. In the past seven days, 14.4 million tokens were staked, worth $1.86 million.