Huobi HTX updated the Merkel tree asset certificate in March 2024, and the reserve rate remains abov

HTX HUOBI IN IS 2024-03-08 47
According to the Huobi HTX page, Huobi HTX has updated the Merkle Tree asset proof data for March 2024. The specific reserve ratios for this update are: USDT 100% (Huobi assets 611,895,890), BTC 101% (Huobi assets 26,196), ETH 102% (Huobi assets 112,481), TRX 103% (Huobi assets 9,717,203,329). Among them, USD T and ETH data already include stUSDT, USDT-T-Bills assets, and BETH, stETH. Currently, Huobi HTX's reserve ratio remains above 100%, meaning that Huobi wallet assets exceed the total assets held by users. Huobi HTX has sufficient reserve funds to ensure the safety of user assets. Huobi HTX will continue to regularly disclose to the public to ensure that users can deposit and withdraw assets safely and at any time.