The Arbitrum community launches a vote on the proposal to "fund the legal defense of Tornado Cash de

A Arbitrum cash fund 2024-03-08 63
According to Snapshot governance page on March 8th, the Arbitrum community initiated a proposal to support the legal defense of Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm and Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev. The proposal states that Tornado Cash is a beacon of privacy and security in the cryptocurrency industry, providing users with a reliable way to conduct private transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of this proposal is twofold: to provide strong legal defense for both individuals and to uphold the right of developers to contribute to the deployment of permissionless open-source software. By rallying support for their legal fund, the aim is to protect the future of privacy-preserving technology, as well as broader principles such as innovation, decentralization, and individual sovereignty within the cryptocurrency industry.